Software by Quokka is part of the Quokka Group that was started in 2020. The company founders had already been working together for many years, with a shared belief that successful projects are based on bringing out the best in people. We believe an employee who feels secure in their profession, and who enjoys their life, will also feel encouraged to make decisions, be creative, and realise their full potential.

A Software by Quokka employee will deliver faster results and improve the quality of your project, while increasing creativity and happiness, regardless of whether we are helping our clients overcome a short-term emergency or trusted to take on a larger, longer-term projects where delivery is critical.

Our Values

Our primary focus as a company is our employees. We want to ensure you feel you get the support you need, that you enjoy your work, and that you have a good work-life balance.

Quokka Values

Our Culture



It makes you feel good and is the premium fuel for creativity and great achievements.


We believe curiosity is an important characteristic of being a Software Engineer.

Innovation by Quokka


We embrace and support great ideas and encourage an innovative environment.

Software by Quokka team is diverse

We embrace Diversity

It enriches our everyday life, broadens our perspective, and challenges our way of thinking. Diversity simply makes life more fun and exciting!

The Animal

Quokkas are marsupials, native to Western Australia, that wear a perpetual – "Hey there!”, ”Good to see ya!”, ”Oh, you brought pie!” – smile on their faces. The quokka is known for its curiosity and for being the happiest animal on the planet. HAPPINESS and CURIOSITY! – two great keywords for Software by Quokka and for those working here.

Software by Quokka mascot