Having the right competence is key for development of competitive solutions and growth. As the the industry is lacking senior software engineers in many areas -- including Big Data & AI, Cloud Full-stack, Android and iOS, DevOps, Cyber Security and Embedded development -- we are here to support you in filling your competency gaps and to help raise your competence to a higher level.


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Android and Apple Development at Quokka


In today’s world, companies connect with their users via mobile applications. Android and iOS have become the dominating mobile operating systems on the market. At Software by Quokka we have experience in developing both Android and iOS apps, particularly for infotainment systems within the automotive industry, as well as TV and mobile devices. Besides app development, we have experience in customizing, building, and certification of the Android platform for commercial use.

Fullstack cloud


Everything that can be connected will be connected. This was a prediction made around two decades ago. And now we are there. Cloud solutions give you flexibility in scaling your services. We have demonstrated a high level of competence in frontend, backend, and commercial cloud solutions, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. We’re able to help you develop public, hybrid, and private cloud based solutions.  Additionally, we are heavily involved in connected vehicles, telecom, and e-commerce.



With embedded technology, one may optimize performance and tailor solutions to meet demanding and domain specific requirements. Many industries, including automotive, telecom, MedTech, and the defence industry, have a need for embedded solutions to fulfil their specific, high-end requirements. Often, off-the-shelf products or server solutions will simply not meet one’s requirements. Our embedded developers have deep industry experience that will help you develop high-end, competitive solutions.



Agile software development, with short feedback loops, requires robust, high-end infrastructure and technology. Large complex solutions, with a high number of developers frequently pushing code to the same repository, requires a tool chain that includes version control, automated builds, static and dynamic checks, controlled code reviews, and automated regression tests. It’s about getting products to the market as quickly as possible by optimizing flow in software development. Our engineers have experience from developing state of the art CI/CD pipelines and frameworks for test automation. Our objective will always be to ensure an optimized flow and an efficient environment for your developers.

Big Data


Data is the new electricity. How can you use your data? Your creativity is the only limit. Our Software Engineers know how to build comprehensive solutions for storing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data at scale. They’re able to leverage the use of AI and machine learning to combine and analyze massive datasets, with the goal of identifying patterns and developing actionable insights. This helps you make faster, better, data-driven decisions.

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